Natural Functions–the case of the dog

The function of a dog is to clean up the food scraps that you do not compost. A dog is your companion, but he has been bred for thousands of years in order to do this job. Between composting everything else but what a dog will clean up, like meat scraps, bones, fat, and bread scraps, you will find that you have very little left over garbage. You will also find that your dog loves you even more, and now because he is useful you love him more. If you recycle whatever you can recycle, you will find a little garbage that you may not need garbage pick up service. That leaves you with the dilemma of whether to cancel your service because your garbageman is your neighbor, and you like him. This is following the sort of functional natural law in your daily life. It creates dilemmas in the modern world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth thinking about.